Nick Dixon
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Dr Ashley Frawley - Anti-woke Marxist

Dr Ashley Frawley - Anti-woke Marxist

On this week’s episode of The Current Thing, I am joined by the brilliant Dr Ashley Frawley. Topics discussed include:

-Why Ashley is still a Marxist
-How our neoliberal/postliberal culture went wrong
-Why the family is essential in finding meaning
-Where woke comes from 
-Whether there’ll be a new ‘current thing’ after woke  
-Why people fall for fads like gender ideology 
-The reason people struggle to accept their own freedom 
-Why conspiracy theories are good in moderation 
And loads more! 

I am giving you the full episode as another free taster because I am almost self-destructively generous. But this is the last time I can do that, so sign up for the price of a single posh London coffee to get all full future episodes.

But for now please enjoy this extremely interesting episode with Dr Ashley Frawley:

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