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Lionel Shriver - The Left's War on Merit

Lionel Shriver - The Left's War on Merit

On this week’s episode of The Current Thing, I am joined by highly acclaimed author and commentator, Lionel Shriver.

We discuss:
-Her new novel Mania, and why she choose IQ as the topic of the book 
-Why the left are ‘obsessed with sameness’
-Where ideological ‘manias’ come from and what the next hysteria will be 
-The flawed thinking behind ‘social justice’ 
-The literary influences on her writing 
-Why some people conform with social fads and others do not 
-The inherent contradictions of woke
-Losing friends due to the culture war
-Who she will vote for in the US election
And loads more! 

I have decided to make this full episode available for free because I’m so nice, so click below for the whole video!

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