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Election Special!

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Election Special!


This week’s episode of The Current Thing is an election special, and as it’s so topical I am releasing it a day early for paid subscribers only.

I go over all the highs and lows of election night with The Radical English Gentleman (AKA Zoomer Rory) and what it all means for the future of the UK. We discuss:

-Reform UK winning 5 seats, and Nigel Farage's crushing victory in Clacton
-The big Tory candidates who lost their seats 
-The future of the Conservative Party 
-Whether Labour really have a mandate to rule
and loads more!

And since it's a Rory episode, there are inevitably a few robust debates, this time about Labour's policy on private education, which leads to Rory arguing against grammar schools, and me brutally dismantling his egalitarian assumptions. 

The full episode is below, and is only available here. So sign up for just £5 a month to watch this and all our other awesome episodes, and allow me to keep doing the show.

We can only do this with your help, as we have to pay producers, hire the studio, and my children need to eat. So sign up below, many thanks.

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