Question for Carl.

Is Reform UK a genuine alternative to the Uniparty system? If not, how do we fight back against the Left?

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Do we know when this podcast will drop?

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Hello Nick,

I'd appreciate it if you could answer Carl any of the following

1. How do you think we should balance localism with capitalism? It seems to me these are at odds on one hand living in a small town/village where everyone knows your name would be ideal however capitalism seems to be an irresistible force that centralises everything therefore requiring young people to uproot and leave their local area.

2. On a recent podcast segment Calum was talking about not paying student loans back because they cancel in 30 years. This is a common sentiment amongst people I know in the UK. Do you think that it is morally justified not to make the effort to pay student loans back if you are not working in the relevant field?

3. Have you ever had a chat with Gavin Boby AKA the "mosque buster"? He might be a good guest for the podcast or for Brokenomics.

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Questions to ask Carl:

1. In your extensive commentary, you often address the issue of political polarisation, particularly as exacerbated by social media platforms. Given the complex role these platforms play in shaping public discourse, what specific regulatory or structural changes would you advocate for and how do you see these changes impacting the landscape of online political debate?

2. You frequently use historical analogies to contextualise modern political events. Can you discuss a historical event or figure that you believe is often misunderstood or misrepresented in modern political discourse?

3. How do you foresee the evolution of both mainstream and fringe political movements in the UK over the next decade?

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How does Carl cope when a long-standing contributor / collaborator with the Lotus Eaters decides to move and find themselves another “job” leaving the rest of the team behind?

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