Hello. I am Nick. You may have seen me on GB News, or one of my podcasts. Or in Sainsbury’s buying processed food that requires no cooking.

I am a regular panellist and sometimes host of Headliners on GB News. I am host of The Current Thing podcast, and The Weekly Sceptic podcast with Toby Young. But I am also one of this country’s greatest living writers.

Having written for Spiked, The Daily Sceptic, Free Market Conservatives, The Conservative Woman, The Conservative Conservative (this one is made up) I have now launched my own Substack, with the not particularly conservative aim of seizing the means of production.

This means you can help a brother out directly by buying a subscription for just £5 a month, rather than fuelling ‘The Matrix’.

Thank you, and God bless.

Nick x

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Fighting the culture war with humour in lieu of knowledge.


Writer (obvs). GB News Presenter. Host of ‘The Current Thing’ and ‘The Weekly Sceptic’ podcasts. Reactionary satirist. Conservative rebel. https://twitter.com/nickdixoncomic